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The Undergraduate Studies Bulletin is compiled well in advance of the academic year it covers. Changes in programs, policies, and the academic calendar may occur. All requirements should be verified with departmental advisors or the Office of the University Registrar. Archived versions may be accessed by contacting the Office of the University Registrar.


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    Please contact the Office of the University Registrar if you require a copy of other bulletins not listed here.

    Student Views

    “You’re not set into anything your freshman year. There’s a lot of freedom with the class choices.”

    Erica Wellington, Health and Society

    “I really like our curriculum. I’ve a had a lot of room to try a lot of different things, and I think that’s extremely valuable.”

    Kali Cohn, Political Science

    “There is so much to appreciate about the U of R – the incredible faculty, the beautiful campus, your friendships with fellow students, all of the available programs and resources.”

    Sarah Otto, Religion and Psychology

    “Everything that we learn is stuff that the industry uses now. They prepare you very well.”

    Justin Mathew, Electrical Engineering

    undergraduate students

    Combined full and part-time students in Arts, Sciences and Engineering.

    undergraduate majors

    At Rochester, you build your own curriculum with your own unique strengths and interests.

    Why Rochester?

    People do their best when doing what they love. At Rochester, you study only what you’re passionate about, choosing a major in one of the three divisions of learning and taking thematic three-course clusters in other areas.

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