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Helping you plan your next semester or next few years

Assisting undergraduate students in the College

Providing up-to-the-minute academic information

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Academic advisors are available on both a walk-in basis and for scheduled appointments.

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Peer Advisors

Meet our peer advisors, current students who can help you declare a major, connect with faculty, explore research opportunities, and more.

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Meliora Vision & Values

As a community, the University of Rochester is defined by a deep commitment to Meliora­—ever better. Embedded in that ideal are the values we share.

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Academic Dates

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    Sample First-Year Advising Session

    Curious about what a typical first-year advising session might entail? The advisors in the College Center for Advising Services are here to answer questions about your academic needs and requirements, whether you’re planning for the next semester or the next few years.



    We can help you choose sets of related courses (clusters) from across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and engineering.

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