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Find, share, or plan your ride with 511NY Rideshare

Find, Share, or Plan Your Ride with 511NY Rideshare

Transportation and Parking Services partners with 511NY Rideshare to provide a free, interactive portal to help the University community plan better commutes, find carpool partners, and discover transit options.

Students can manage their daily campus commuting needs, arrange rides to campus for the new academic year, and locate transportation to off-campus events. Employees can find others to share their work commute or arrange one-time rides, locate transportation, and more. Commuters can find park and ride locations and avoid traffic by using the real-time traffic map.

In addition to finding ride matches for carpools, employees and students can connect quickly to sustainable, affordable transportation, such as public transit and walking and biking routes. Bicycle commuters can find bike buddies who are interested in riding to work or school together. Users can create customized trips that find the best public transit options for commuting or traveling, including maps, using the Trip Planner.

Learn more and connect with others in the University community by registering and creating a free profile.

ALERT 08/10/2022: August 17: Parking Impacted at Laboratory for Laser Energetics. More details.
ALERT 08/08/2022: Aug. 13-14: Lot 11 Closed for Re-Striping with New Parking Layout. More details.