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University of Rochester shuttle bus with new blue and yellow wrap

Ride Free With Campus ID

University Shuttles

Get connected in, around,
and between campuses


Get connected in, around, and between campuses when you get a ride on the University’s shuttle fleet. Convenience and gas savings abound with the eleven shuttle lines available to get you to and from University of Rochester destinations. View the system map to see the routes.

No application is needed.
Just hop aboard and enjoy the ride.
Rides are free with campus ID.

On this page, you’ll find information on:

Four new energy-efficient blue and yellow shuttles were rolled out on campus in mid-February 2022. The shuttles use hybrid technology to save fuel and reduce emissions through regenerative braking, which helps to slow down and propel the vehicle during normal drive cycles. Read more

Rides Are Free With Campus ID

All shuttles are free with a University ID so be ready to swipe your University of Rochester ID as you embark on your journey. Swiping helps ensure transportation services meet demand and support a safe and secure environment for riders.

Fall 2022 Shuttle Schedules

Following are shuttle schedules for fall 2022:

Runs between Whipple Park, Southside/University Park, Medical Center, Goler House/College Town, and River Campus.

Falls 2022 Blue Line Schedule

The Gold Line Riverview Direct is a weekday line that travels between Riverview Apartments, Brooks Crossing Apartments, and River Campus. The Gold Line 19th Ward operates nightly into the 19th Ward area and stops at Riverview and Brooks Crossing Apartments.

Fall 2022 Gold Line Schedule

Offers easy access from River Campus to popular local shopping and entertainment destinations.

  • Saturdays – Marketplace: service to Marketplace Mall, Wegmans, Target, Wal-Mart, and Regal Cinemas.
  • Saturdays – Public Market (seasonal): service from the River Campus and the Eastman School of Music to the Rochester Public Market in early fall and late spring.
  • Sundays – service from River Campus to Tops Plaza, Twelve Corners, and Pittsford Plaza.

Fall 2022 Green Line Schedule

Runs continuously on weekdays between Zone 3 South, Wilmot, Intercampus Dr. at Library Rd., Towers, and Rush Rhees Library.

Fall 2022 Silver Line Schedule

Employee Shuttle Schedules

Offers convenient travel for meetings between the Medical Center, the Lattimore office building, Ronald McDonald House, and the Corporate Woods offices.

Corporate Woods Weekday Schedule

Lot 24 parkers (1420 Scottsville Rd) can catch this shuttle between 5:28 a.m. and 9:30 p.m., Monday through Friday to travel to the Medical Center’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, Golisano Children’s Hospital and Whipple Circle.

Scottsville Road Weekday Schedule

Lot 24 – Scottsville Rd. Map

Real-Time Tracking

Where’s My Shuttle?

Wonder no more! University shuttles are outfitted with real-time tracking equipment. Simply go to the TransLoc site on your computer or smartphone, or download the free smartphone app to see the buses on a map. Live tracking, arrival predictions, real-time capacity, and proximity alerts are also available for all University bus lines.

Did You Know?

What’s the Difference Between the University Shuttles and U-Pass?

University shuttles provide rides to and around University campuses, as well as local shopping and entertainment destinations. Rides are free with campus ID. No application is required.

U-Pass provides unlimited bus rides via RTS public transit around the city of Rochester and the surrounding counties. Must meet eligibility requirements. A completed application is required.

Bring your bike!

Shuttles are cycle-friendly

Most University shuttles have racks on the front that hold up to two bicycles. If you wish to use the bike rack, signal the driver that you are going to the front of the bus. You’re responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle but it’s a convenient way to get around town when you need or want to add exercise to your commute.

Check out our handy tips for loading and unloading your bicycle from a shuttle bus.

Event Transportation

Need a Shuttle Bus
for Your Event?

Shuttle bus charter services are available for any University-related event by a University department, organization, or event organizer. Buses can be booked for local or long-distance travel. Round trip and continuous looping transportation is available for local travel.

Find out more

Operational Changes and
Safety Requirements During COVID-19

Face Masks No Longer Required

Masking is no longer required on University campuses or on University transportation/shuttles.

The University continues to encourage anyone who chooses to wear a mask to do so. It is important to remember that masking is a personal choice, and no individual should be shamed or ridiculed for choosing to wear one.

Cleaning of Shuttles

All shuttles are disinfected multiple times throughout the day to ensure hand rails and other commonly touched surfaces remain clean. All shuttles will be sanitized overnight. A hand sanitizer dispenser has been added to each shuttle bus. COVID-19 signage has also been placed on buses and shuttle stops.

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