Hosting an Event?

If you are hosting a special event at the Medical Center or River Campus, we can help you arrange for parking.

Requests received by 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, will be processed the same day. Requests received after 4 p.m. will be processed the next business day. In the event that an urgent circumstance arises requests can be made on short notice (less than 24 hours) at any time by contacting the Parking Special Event team via email:

For questions about event parking, please contact Tawana Levert, Event Coordinator, via email or call (585) 273-2140.

Fees and Payment

Guest parking can be paid by the:

      • Guest/visitor
      • Department via validations (Medical Center Lots only)  or FAO
      • Department FAOs will be charged at the end of the month using the account number provided on the reservation form

Parking Attendants

Parking attendants are available for mobile patrol, directing traffic, and staffing at gated lots and/or the Information Booth. There is a two-hour minimum for attendant services. Attendants will be on site 30 minutes prior to the event start time.

      • $45.00 per hour for each attendant (2-hour minimum)
      • $50.00 per hour for a Supervisor (2-hour minimum)

Traffic Control Equipment

The following options are available to help direct and manage parking for your guests. Please specify the location(s) where the equipment is needed and when they should be set up and removed.

      • Traffic Cones – $5/cone
      • Barricades – $10/barricade
      • Generic Special Event Sandwich Board Signs – $125/sign

The Department maintains a limited number of generic  “Special Event” signs that are available for use—please do not attach additional wording or signs once they are in place. If the standard wording is not preferred, please contact Tawana Levert, Event Coordinator, via email or call (585) 273-2140 at least one month before your event to request a custom sign. The cost for a custom sign (24 x 36 inches) is $125/per sign.


Events canceled less than 48 hours in advance will be responsible for 50% of the event fee.  If the event is canceled on site, the full event fee will be charged. To cancel an event contact Tawana Levert, Event Coordinator, via email or call (585) 273-2140.

Special Event Parking Guidelines

Need a Shuttle for Your Event?

Make A Special Event Shuttle/Charter Reservation