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Employee sorting mail.

Mail Services

University Mail Services offers all basic postal shipping services, intercampus mail processing and delivery, business reply mail, bulk mail processing, student mailboxes, and courier services.

We have three main operations: the Mail Operations Center (bulk mail and meter mail), the Campus Mail Center, and University Courier Services.

Campus Mail Center

The Campus Mail Center offers most of the services that a regular post office would offer, and also ships and receives mail using USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. We also provide physical mailboxes for students and process Student Mail.

Mail Operations Center

The Mail Operations Center is the University’s main mail processing facility where all incoming USPS mail for Zipcode 14627 (River Campus) is received. The Mail Operations Center processes all departmental outgoing mail and bulk mailings for the entire University.

Courier Services

Courier Services provides interoffice mail delivery for the University and Medical Center. We also offer package delivery and offsite delivery for a fee.




What is my department address?
Each University department has two distinct mailing addresses – one for intramural mail and one for package delivery. Use the Address Lookup system to find both addresses.
What is Business Reply Mail?

Business Reply Mail is a special postage rate available for properly formatted and barcoded envelopes. It is a cost-effective means for University departments to receive mail responses to surveys, information requests, and other solicitations. Specially formatted, pre-paid, and pre-addressed cards or envelopes are provided to respondents so they can easily return requests. The University maintains a First Class Business Permit for this purpose and calculates the department cost based on the number of responses.

What is Bulk Mail?

Bulk Mail (Standard [A] Mail) is an official classification of mail that meets requirements to qualify for discounted rates. Rates are dependent on content, size, shape, weight, zip code, and quantity. A number of design and processing elements are needed for a mailing to qualify for these special rates, but if done properly, mass mailings can be an efficient way to recruit new students, market medical services, distribute information, and solicit donations. Contact University Mail Services at 585-275-1013 or email us to consult with our mailpiece experts.

How can I receive free interoffice envelopes and basic office supplies?

University Mail Services keeps an abundant supply of reusable paperclips, binder clips, and rubber bands. Before you order a new supply consider replenishing with used ones. To order these supplies or interoffice envelopes, please call 275-5684 or email Ben Campanis with your request and we’ll quickly deliver them through intramural mail.

How do I recycle my inkjet and toner cartridges?

Used inkjet and toner cartridges can be sent through interoffice mail to University Mail Services at Box 270001. Please place cartridges in the original or replacement packaging and Mail Services will recycle them. For every laser cartridge returned, 1/2 gallon of oil is conserved.

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