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Department and Business Permit Requests

Requesting Permits

Departments at the River Campus and Medical Center requesting parking for visitors may choose from the following options:

  • Department or Business permits
  • One-Day Visitor Passes for┬áRiver Campus or the Medical Center

How it Works
When the request is submitted, the Parking office receives a notification and can approve the request. Once approved, the requestor (Department) is sent an approval link to go online and purchase the permit(s). The cost of the permit(s) will be billed to your department using the debit FAO provided during the permit request process.

One-Day Visitor Pass
Once the One-Day Visitor Pass is purchased by the department, the PDF pass can be e-delivered directly to the visitor. The visitor can then print the pass for their dashboard and go directly to their parking spot, without stopping at an information booth.

Permit Guidelines

  • Permits cannot be reused or duplicated.
  • Each vehicle must have its own 1-day visitor permit for its dashboard.
  • These permits can only be used for non-University guests; department/business permits are used for University employees.
  • One-day visitor passes are not intended for scheduled events. (More than 5 guests is considered an event.) Please visit Special Event Parking if parking passes are needed for an event, or contact our Special Event Coordinator at 585-275-6404 or by email.


Request a user ID and password

Complete the Permit Access Request Form to request a User ID and password.
This is required to request departmental permits.

Next, download this simple step-by-step process.

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