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Fleet Services

The University Fleet Services program centralizes vehicle acquisition and maintenance under one department helping to control costs and emphasize safety, sustainability, and best practices. Centralized vehicle decision making follows a fleet master plan and allows the University to forecast future purchases, re-purpose assets and maximize vehicle life.

University Facilities and Services (UF&S), in conjunction with University Procurement, oversees and manages the University Fleet acquisition program. In addition, UF&S operates the University’s Auto Shop.

Program Benefits

The new fleet program provides considerable advantages for its customers and for the University overall. Benefits include:

  • routine and preventative maintenance services completed by the University Auto Shop
  • installation of an all-inclusive vehicle management software program that promotes driver safety
  • positive impacts to the University’s carbon footprint
  • vehicle standardization
  • streamlined branding
  • improvements to purchasing strategy
Preventive Maintenance

Standard preventative maintenance performed by the University’s Auto Shop helps ensure our vehicles are properly maintained, maximizing their useful life as well as their end-of-life value. The University Auto Shop has a labor rate that averages 20% lower than outside repair shops which also reduces University expenses.


As all University drivers are required to enroll in the Safer Driver Program, a vehicle management software program, Fleetistics, is installed in every vehicle. Fleetistics provides numerous safety features including instant accident notification and a driver safety scorecard that provides data regarding speed, braking, and seat belt use. As an additional benefit, Fleetistics also provides operational tools such as fuel usage reports, idling time, and route information that help reduce emissions, reduce expenses, and increase productivity.




How do I request a new or replacement vehicle?

Fill out the Vehicle Acquisition and Approval Form (see link above). This will automatically be sent to the Fleet Manager who will research a vehicle to meet the department’s needs. This may be a new vehicle or an existing vehicle within the Fleet. Once a vehicle has been selected and priced the Fleet Manager will send the Acquisition and Approval Form back to the requestor with the proposed vehicle and cost. The department then obtains the required signatures and once approved at all levels, the form is returned to the Fleet Manager and the vehicle will be acquired.

What is required for someone to be eligible to drive a University vehicle?

Per University policy, the department is responsible for ensuring that anyone who drives a University vehicle has agreed to the Safer Driver Program (see link above). A signed copy of their understanding should be kept on file by the department.

In addition, all drivers should be enrolled in the License Event Notification System (LENS) Program. Once enrolled, the department will be notified if a driver is convicted of a moving violation or is in a reported accident (on or off work time).

What should I do if there is damage to a vehicle?

Any vehicle damage should be immediately reported by filling out the Vehicle Damage Form (see link above) within one business day. If the vehicle has a license plate, the Vehicle Accident Insurance Form (see link above) should be filled out as well in order to file an insurance claim. The forms should be submitted to the Fleet Manager and the vehicle needs to be inspected by the Auto Shop to ensure it is safe to drive prior to being placed in operation again. The Fleet Manager will then coordinate repair estimates and filing of the insurance claim.

What is Fleetistics?

Fleetistics is a fleet management program that currently is or will be installed on all licensed vehicles. The system enables the Fleet Manager and a department representative to better monitor and utilize their vehicles in a safe and cost-effective manner. The system allows for live tracking (real-time location) of all vehicles and provides a number of reports to include fuel usage, idling time, and route optimization. From a safety standpoint, Fleetistics monitors driver behavior (Driver Safety Scorecard) by providing feedback on such things as speeding, hard braking, and seat belt use. The system will also provide instant accident notifications.

What happens at the end of my lease?

Prior to the end of the lease term the Fleet will arrange for the Auto Shop to inspect the vehicle to determine its overall condition. Based on the condition and expected usage by the department, the Fleet will determine if the department will continue to use the vehicle at a reduced rate of if a replacement vehicle is more appropriate.

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