Parking Permits:

Medical Center

Medical Center faculty, staff, and students, who wish to park on campus must:

  • Register their vehicles with Transportation and Parking Management, and purchase a permit.
  • Parking is permitted in your assigned lot,
  • In the College Town Garage after 2 p.m., and
  • In Lot 3 (Kendrick North) and Lot 8 (Medical School) between 5 p.m. and 6 a.m. Monday – Friday
  • In the Hospital Garage between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. Monday – Friday, and during weekends and University holidays.  Employees should park on employee levels in the Hospital Garage:
  • Level 4  – Yellow V, W, X, Y
    Level 5 –  Blue L, M, N, O
    Level 6 – 

Permits are not valid for parking in the Cancer Center, Eye Institute, Patient Discharge, Kinder Care, Emergency Department, Strong Behavioral Health, Saunders Research Building Lot, or Musculoskeletal Lots at any time.  (Exceptions may be granted if visiting as a patient, but you must first call the Parking Management Center at (585) 275-4524.)

River Campus

River Campus requires a valid permit Monday-Friday 7:30 am-7:00 pm. All permit holders must park in their assigned zone or lot during these times. All University paid permits are good on campus after 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.
Areas posted as Reserved, any lots with gates in the down position, fire lanes, sidewalks, grass, or any space with a no-parking sign may not be used at any time (24 hours a day/7 days a week). Permits cannot be transferred, altered, forged or manipulated in any way.

Freshmen living on campus are not eligible for a parking permit.

Off-Campus Living
Students living off campus are offered commuter parking permits and cannot keep their vehicle overnight.

Resident Students
Resident student permits are issued with student class seniority taken into consideration. Resident students may park 24/7.

Special Use Permits for Housing Areas
Special use permits for housing areas (University Park, Whipple Park, & Goler House) are only good for the area specified and are not valid in any other area.

Once your vehicle is registered, place your permit decal on your vehicle as shown here.

Cross Campus Privileges

River Campus permit holders visiting Medical Center – For daytime meetings or training, River Campus permit holders may park in Medical Center Lot 1 (second-or-third row space) – visitor lots should not be used. 

Medical Center permit holders visiting River Campus –  For daytime meetings or training, Medical Center permit holders may purchase a daily pass at the info booth located on Wilson Blvd. to park on River Campus, or use a metered spot on Wilson Blvd. for short-term parking.  From 4 p.m. to midnight, any non-gated lot or non-reserved space on River Campus is available for University permit holders; there is no overnight parking.

AVI Tags

Access to controlled areas for faculty and staff is obtained with AVI tags. The AVI tag should be placed on your vehicle windshield and will allow you to access the lot you are assigned to.

Replacement/Cancellation of Parking Permit

If canceling your permit:
– Return your permit to the Parking Management Center.
There is a $30 for an AVI tag. Replacement permits are issued when the vehicle for which a permit has been assigned is replaced. Remove as much of your permit from your old vehicle as possible and bring it to the Parking Management Center in exchange for a new one.

Limited Use Permits

Permits for University Park, Whipple Park, Goler House, Corporate Woods, Rochester Tech Park, commercial properties, and reserved permits are good ONLY for the area specified on the permit and are not valid in any other area(s).

Highland Hospital Permits

All paid Highland Hospital permits are valid in the College Town Garage. To enter/exit press intercom and provide name and permit number. All paid University permits are valid at Highland Hospital Garage for meetings and work-related visits. To exit, write your permit number on the entry ticket. If you park at Highland Hospital for non-work-related visits, you will be required to pay the visitor fee.

Motorcycle Permits

When riding your motorcycle, please be sure to:

  • Display your permit on the front fork of your motorcycle
  • Park in your assigned lot or in the motorcycle parking area of Lot 1

Special Events

Parking reserves the right to utilize any parking area during special events (Example – Meliora Weekend, Commencement).  An alternate parking site will be provided for your usage.

Use of Visitor Lots

All faculty, staff, students and affiliates that are at the Medical Center as a patient or visitor must take a parking ticket upon entry to the visitor lot and pay upon exit. Visitors must call the Parking Management Center for placement on the enforcement list to avoid a citation.


Wheel-locking (Booting) is an immobilization device used as an alternative to towing a vehicle. When an individual has a history of repeat violations, alters a permit or accumulates unpaid violations, their vehicle may be wheel-locked/booted.

The permit holder has until the close of business to respond to the wheel-lock/boot or the vehicle may be towed within 24 hours. Vehicles presenting an immediate public safety hazard, are inoperative or unlicensed will be towed offsite.

The permit holder is responsible for the parking violations, wheel-lock/boot fee, towing and any applicable storage fees. Cash or credit card (Visa/Discover/MasterCard) are only accepted for these fees. Personal checks are not accepted.


While we endeavor to protect the property of our patrons, we are not responsible for the loss or damage to vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, or their contents. Please report any loss or damage to Public Safety at 275-3333.


If a lot becomes full, the Parking Management Center will assign overflow locations for that lot’s permit holders.  An overflow lot should only be used at the direction of Transportation and Parking Management.  Use of an overflow lot under any other circumstance will result in a citationThe UR Mobile app offers real time parking availability and overflow.

Business Permits

Business permits must be accompanied by another paid University parking permit and are valid for a maximum of three hours per day.  Business permits may be used in the College Town Garage, Lot 8, Lot 3, or in designated “Business” parking spaces on River Campus.

Alternate Vehicles

If you need to use an alternate vehicle for less than two weeks, complete our online form or call the Parking Management Center at 585.275.4524 to provide the vehicle information (plate number, color, make, model, and location) to avoid a citation.

If a second or third vehicle is driven for more than two weeks, an alternate vehicle permit may be purchased per vehicle with the exception of River campus resident students.  Only one vehicle may park on University property at a time.

Disability Parking Accommodations

For individuals with disabilities who may need parking-related accommodations to access the buildings in which they work, live, or study, the University provides disability parking accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADA AA) and other relevant laws.  To request temporary or permanent closer-in parking or a student disability transports complete our request form


To ensure the safety of our University community and access to available parking, Transportation and Parking Management continually monitors all lots and parking areas on campus and will issue citations as a means of communicating to the owner when a vehicle is not parked in accordance with University parking guidelines.

Parking fines may be paid online, by mail via money order or check or at the Parking Management Center with cash or credit card (Visa/Discover/MasterCard).

Appeals can be submitted online .  Appeals of parking violations must be received within 30 days of the date the violation was issued. Qualifying appeals will be given to the appeals committee for review. A notification will be sent out on the results of an appeal either by email or mail.

Wait Lists

Requesting a transfer to another parking lot/zone, can be made online and are processed on a first requested/first transferred basis as space allows. Employees will be placed on a waiting list for the particular lot/zone assignment they desire. Wait lists are reviewed regularly and transfers are processed as space allows.


U-Commute is the University’s campaign to promote the use of transportation alternatives that assist in reducing commuting costs for employees, reducing campus congestion, and promoting the sustainability efforts for the University of Rochester and our community. Learn more here