Degree Requirements and the Curriculum

Degree Requirements: Lists the general credit, areas of study, and grade requirements for all BS and BA programs in Arts, Sciences and Engineering.

Enrollment Policy: Specifies recommended enrollment needed to make progress in and ultimately complete a degree.

Clusters: Defines what a cluster is, how to use the cluster search engine, and cluster policies.  

Majors: Lists majors by academic division, and includes information about applying for a major, changing your major, double majors, and double degrees.

Minors:General minor requirements and policies, as well as links to all minors listed alphabetically and by division. 

Certificate (and Citation) Programs:Defines what certificate and citation programs are, and lists available certificate and citation programs. 

Authorized Approval List: Lists the authorized signature, contacts, and advisors for each department.

Science Sequence Regulations: Information on passing, auditing, and retaking sequence courses in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics.  

Interdepartmental Majors and Minors: Outlines the process for the requirements and application process of interdisciplinary majors and minors.