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Certificate (and Citation) Programs

Certificate programs are taken in conjunction with, not in place of, majors. They are meant to supplement a student's chosen area of study and to formalize into a coherent whole, courses taken outside the area of major. Specific requirements for each program are listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Certificate Programs

(Administered by other departments)

Multidisciplinary Studies Center:

Program in Biology and Medicine:

Department of Physics and Astronomy:

International Theatre Program:

Rochester Center for Community Leadership:

Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies:

Note that courses used toward a certificate may not be taken on the S/F option except for the International Relations and Polish and Central European Studies certificates in which one secondary course may be taken S/F, and that minimum averages are required for courses used for certificates. See the details concerning those administered by the College Center for Advising Services on the accompanying chart.

Certain certificate programs are authorized clusters. See the Cluster Search Engine for details.


This program recognizes those students who have developed leadership skills through specific academic study coupled with specific practical application. Students need to complete at least three different leadership experiences. Each leadership experience has two components:

  1. An academic course (two credit minimum) to prepare students for specific leadership work.
  2. A specific leadership practicum to implement ideas from the preparatory course.

Completion of the citation will appear as a notation on the transcript. A handout that includes all academic and practical components that have been authorized for use toward this citation is available online.

Citation for Achievement in College Leadership >

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