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Close-up of the Meliora seal inscription on flagpole on Eastman Quad at the University of Rochester

Supporting the University of Rochester workforce

Our 30,000+ faculty, staff, and affiliates provide quality education, compassionate care, and exemplary service to our students and community. The Office of Human Resources is here to support those professionals behind the scenes and on the front lines.

HR Modernization

University Embarking on New HRMS Project

Workday HR will replace PeopleSoft, the University’s
current human resource management system (HRMS),
which has been in place for more than 23 years and
has become outdated. PeopleSoft has been the
platform for the online HRMS tool used to track
personal and job data, time, payroll, and benefits, as
well as recruiting.

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University News

Minimum wage increases to $15 per hour

The University of Rochester will raise the minimum wage for all University staff to $15 per hour, effective November 21. “This move to a $15 minimum wage now is the right thing to do,” said University of Rochester President Sarah C. Mangelsdorf.

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