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Life Insurance

Regular full-time and part-time faculty and staff are eligible for University-Paid Basic Term Life insurance and have the option to purchase Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance. Group Term Life insurance for a spouse/domestic partner/dependent children is also available.

Group Universal Life insurance

Group Universal Life insurance (GUL) pays a death benefit and, in addition, allows the owner to contribute additional premiums beyond the cost of the insurance to accumulate cash value that can be used during his or her lifetime for needs such as paying for college, buying a new home or building retirement funds.

Securian Financial’s education microsite

Visit Securian Financial’s education microsite to view a plan summary and find more information about your coverage options and costs – as well as a number of educational resources.

If you terminate, retire from the University of Rochester or become ineligible for the plan (i.e. Time-As-Reported-TAR), you may continue all of your GUL coverage until age 100 by paying premiums directly to Securian Financial.

How to enroll

Employees can enroll in Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance at any time, however, proof of good health may be required depending on when you enroll. For details about the different enrollment period requirements, see the 2024 group life insurance guide.

To enroll in GUL insurance:

  1. Log in to HRMS
  2. Click on “Securian Financial” on the HRMS homepage
  3. Answer the necessary questions
  4. You may elect 1-8 times your annual salary, up to a maximum of $1,500,000.
  5. Designate your beneficiaries
    • Primary Beneficiary – The person or persons named will receive the benefit
    • Contingent Beneficiary – If the primary beneficiary is no longer living, the benefit is paid to the contingent beneficiary

About Securian Financial

Securian Financial is the administrator of the University Group Life Insurance Plan. To help protect your family’s financial future, the University of Rochester offers group life insurance coverage to help ensure that at the loss of a loved one, your family will have the money it needs to cover short-term expenses, such as final medical bills and burial costs, or to fulfill longer-term goals, such as sending your children to college or helping fund retirement.

Visit the Securian Financial website for more information.

Additional resources

Find forms that you might need when applying for or updating your life insurance policy, and review helpful resources to better understand your policy.

Life insurance forms

Group Universal Life (GUL) application
Complete this application when applying for GUL insurance.

Life insurance change request
Complete this form to change your existing life insurance coverage. (You may not cancel your coverage online.)

Evidence of insurability form
A health history questionnaire to be completed if proof of good health is required.

Beneficiary designation form
Complete this form to add/change your beneficiaries.

If you need additional forms, you can contact us or explore our employee benefit forms page.

Helpful tools and videos

Frequently asked questions
Visit our FAQ page to get answers to common questions.

Overview of Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance
Learn more about GUL insurance, including the advantages of saving in a cash accumulation account.

Naming a beneficiary
Learn about primary and contingent beneficiaries, naming a minor and more.

Lifestyle benefits
Provides information regarding travel assistance, beneficiary financial counseling and legacy planning-including eligibility, covered services, and more.

Securian Financial’s life insurance decision tool
Make your life insurance elections with confidence using Securian Financial’s new online decision tool, Benefit Scout™. To access the tool, log in to HRMS with your NetID and click on “Securian Financial.” Then, click on “Get Started” and “Visit Benefit Scout™.”

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