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Employment Verification

The Work Number service is used when you apply for a loan, need a reference check, lease an apartment or any other instance where proof of employment or income is needed. You benefit from having control of the process by authorizing others access to your information. The Work Number can help you with employment verification, employment+income verification, or with employment+income verification for social service agencies.

I need just proof of employment without income verification

  1. Display and print the proof of employment form.
  2. Fill in your Social Security Number on the form you printed.
  3. Give the form to the person requesting your proof of employment.

I need proof of employment, plus income verification

  1. Display and print the employment verification (plus income) form.
  2. Fill in your Social Security Number on the form you printed.
  3. Access The Work Number either through their website or by phone:
  4. Select the Employee option and login. To login, you must have the following information:
    • University of Rochester Employer Code: 11968
    • Your Employee ID Number
    • Your PIN: Your PIN is an 8 digit number based on your employee id number and the year you were born. The first 6 digits of your PIN are your employee number. The last 2 digits of your PIN are the year you were born (i.e. 71, 56, 82 …)
  5. Select the “Create a Salary Key” option and write down the Salary Key provided to you by The Work Number on the form you just printed.
    • The first time you login you may be prompted to reset your Pin number. To skip to the “salary key” option click on “main menu” (this is in the left side of the screen).
  6. Give the form you printed to the person requesting proof of your employment plus income.

I am applying to a social service agency

  1. Display and print the social service verification form.
  2. Fill in your Social Security Number on the form you printed.
  3. Give the form to your caseworker.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Work Number?

The Work Number is a company that provides employment verification information for the University of Rochester and its employees.

What is a verifying company?

A verifying company is typically a lender, bank, mortgage company, housing complex or employer that requests information of the employee about their job information or salary information.

Do I have to use The Work Number for employment verifications?

Yes, all employment verifications and income verifications are done through The Work Number. Please note that Subpoena and requests for copies of documents will handled by Valerie Johnston at (585) 275-7031.

What is a Salary Key?

A salary key is a special authorization code that the employee generates in order to authorize the release of income information.

I don’t have access to a computer, can I still get a Salary Key?

Yes, The Work Number offers a telephone option for all employees, simply call (800) 367-2884. You will need your social security number, your date of birth, the Company Code (11968) and a pen and paper to write down the authorization number they provide.

Do employees have to pay for an employment verification to be done?

No, employees will not be charged for asking that their records be released. The charge for this service is covered by the verifying company.

If I no longer work at the University can I have my employment verification done?

Yes, you will maintain the ability to have a verifying company access your employment and income records through The Work Number. You will also be able to create a salary key even after you leave the University.

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