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Remote Work

Arrangements and resources for working remotely.

The University recognizes that remote work offers our community new opportunities for flexibility and improved work-life balance while also meeting our business needs. This less traditional work environment can provide a collaborative, productive, innovative, and inclusive option for staff to carry-out our institutional mission to Learn, Discover, Heal, Create—and Make the World Ever Better.

In addition to our official Remote Work Policy, we’ve gathered resources for our managers and employees to help navigate opportunities for remote work.

Guiding principles for remote work

In evaluating remote work opportunities, it was important to keep several important principles and values in mind.

These led the way for the creation of our Remote Work Policy, and should guide your decision-making as you assess opportunities for remote work.

The work of our valued employees is vital to the pursuit of the University of Rochester’s research, education, and healthcare missions. Our commitment to excellence and to the University’s Meliora and iCARE values will guide decisions regarding remote work options.

Creating a culture of inclusivity and connectivity is critical to building a collaborative, innovative work environment. We will closely monitor the impact of a hybrid work environment on our community culture and partner with faculty and staff to create opportunities for collaboration and increased engagement across the institution.

We will communicate with our employees clearly, frequently, and honestly.

We will maintain a forward-thinking lens that is flexible and adaptable, understanding that policies and practices may change to respond to the business needs of the University. On both an individual and organizational level, we will monitor our progress and be prepared to make changes using data, best practices, and good judgment.

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