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Leave and Disability

Options for taking time away

If you need to take time away from work to care for yourself, to care for someone else, or for another reason, there are several options available. Review the information below to learn about the types of leave available, to complete applicable forms, and to prepare for your time out of the office. Options may vary based on your eligibility.


A young woman holding a baby in front of a ferris wheel at the University of Rochester's Meliora Weekend

maternity leave

Parental and maternity resources

As a new parent, you have different leave options available to you to care for and bond with your child. Depending on your circumstances, these may include Short-Term Disability, Paid Family Leave, and Family Medical Leave (FMLA). Get help understanding your options.

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If you have questions about all types of leave eligibility, policy details, or other aspects of these benefits, or need to submit any forms, reach out to your human resources team.

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