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Programs and Perks FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about some of our unique benefits offered through the Total Rewards package, such as tuition assistance, family care, home ownership incentives, and more. Get more information on our Programs and Perks page.

Tuition Benefits

For more information, visit our Tuition Benefits page.

To apply for the Employee Tuition Waiver Benefit, log into HRMS using your NetId and follow the path “Self Service-> Benefits -> Tuition -> Apply Employee Tuition Waiver”

Visit the Tuition Benefits page to apply for the Employee Tuition Reimbursement Benefit.

To apply for the Dependent Child Tuition Benefit, log into HRMS using your NetId and follow the path “Self Service-> Benefits -> Tuition -> Apply-Dependent Tuition Waiver”

Proof of completion (e.g. grade report or certificate), proof of cost, and proof of payment (e.g. billing statement/deferment form).

Yes, as long as, the non-credit courses are taken at a college or university and meet the criteria of being directly job-related, having at least 15 contact hours, having outside readings and assignments, and having a formal evaluation based on a final exam.

No, only full-time service can be counted towards service requirement for the 10-year Dependent Children Tuition Waiver Benefit. This service requirement may be met by full-time service at another college or university that offered a tuition benefit plan for dependent children for which the faculty or staff member was eligible. To receive credit for full-time service completed at another college or university, please complete a Tuition Benefits Service Credit Form and submit it to the Office of Total Rewards for review within 30 days from the start of the course(s).

Graduate tuition assistance benefits up to $5,250 in a calendar year are not taxable. Graduate tuition assistance benefits that exceed $5,250 in a calendar year are taxable wages unless the course satisfies the requirements for a tax deductible job-related course under IRS rules. Generally, a job-related course will satisfy these IRS requirements if it maintains or improves skills for the individual’s present job, or if the course meets the employer’s express requirements for retaining the job, and the course is not part of a program that will qualify the individual for a new trade or business. For taxable tuition assistance benefits, applicable Federal and State income taxes and FICA taxes will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck when the waiver is approved or the reimbursement is paid to the employee. In addition, the taxable income will be reflected on the W-2 for the calendar year when the actual tuition benefit is posted to the student’s account or reimbursed to the employee. Please also review the content on this page for more details.

If you believe that your proposed graduate level course(s) and/or non-credit course(s) satisfies the requirements for a tax deductible job-related course under IRS rules, follow these instructions:

For the employee tuition waiver benefit, answer all the applicable questions on the online Employee Tuition Waiver application available in HRMS.

For the tuition reimbursement benefit, complete the “University of Rochester Graduate Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement Tax Exemption Form” on pages 5 of the Employee Tuition Reimbursement application.

Home Ownership Incentive Program

For more information, visit our Home Ownership Incentive Program page.

Regular Full- and Part-Time Faculty and Staff members* are eligible for the University Home Ownership Incentive Program upon appointment.

*Postdoctoral fellows, postdoctoral research associates, postdoctoral teaching fellows, EDC associates, and visiting faculty are not eligible.

No, but you need to be a new homeowner in a qualifying City of Rochester neighborhood (current city homeowners are not eligible).

No, the University Home Ownership Incentive Program is “all or nothing.” You must be approved for the $3,000 forgivable loan from the University of Rochester, the $3,000 City grant, and the $3,000 grant/lender credit from a participating program lender.

Life Insurance

For more information, visit our Life insurance page.

GUL insurance pays a death benefit and allows for contribution of additional premiums beyond the cost of the insurance. Furthermore, Lifestyle Benefits are automatically included in the plan. These benefits consist of: travel assistance, legacy planning resources, and beneficiary financial counseling (employees only covered under the University-Paid Basic Term Life insurance also have access to Lifestyle Benefits).

Log on to HRMS and click on “Securian Financial”


Log on to Securian Financial’s website,, and follow the instructions below:

  • User ID: UR + Your 6-digit employee ID number (e.g. UR123456)
  • Initial password: Your 8-digit date of birth, followed by the last 4-digits of your Social Security Number (e.g. 012319011234)

You may apply at any time for GUL insurance. Some guaranteed amounts of coverage are available—no medical exam is required—if you apply within the first 90 days of eligibility for coverage under the plan, within 90 days of a family status change or during annual open enrollment (if eligible). Proof of good health is required for any life insurance election made outside of the above mentioned enrollment windows.

Use Securian’s online life insurance decision tool, Benefit Scout™, to help you and your family determine how much life insurance you need and what it will cost, so that you can make your insurance elections with confidence. Log in to HRMS with your NetID and click on “Securian Financial.” Then, click on “Get started” and Visit Benefit Scout™.”

Long-Term Care Insurance

For more information, visit our Long-Term Care Insurance page.

All benefit eligible and non-benefit eligible faculty and staff may apply for long-term care insurance. In addition, family members of faculty and staff are eligible to apply. All applicants must complete a Statement of Health and be approved by the insurance carrier before a policy will be issued.

Family Care

For more information, visit our Family Care page.

Eligible employees include regular part-time and full-time faculty, staff, and Strong Memorial Hospital residents and fellows. Postdocs and SEIU members are not eligible.

Log in to your account by visiting or downloading the app on your mobile device. You will log in using your name and University of Rochester Employee ID number (this can be found on your HRMS homepage).

You may search, schedule, manage, and pay for care by reviewing postings of available providers or placing your own advertisement for:

  • After-school sitters for those 3pm pick-ups
  • Getting Fido a walker while you’re working
  • Arranging back-up care when your regular sitter isn’t available
  • Helping mom and dad at home with a senior caregiver
  • House need some love? Find a housekeeper
  • Finding a tutor to help your kiddo with classwork
  • Personal assistants, special needs, and more offers tools and resources to help you evaluate risk and stay savvy about safety. See to access safety guides, background check options, and Safety FAQs.

The University of Rochester is providing eligible employees a membership to as an employee benefit. Employees are under no obligation to use the services provided by Employees are responsible for understanding’s terms of use. The University is not responsible for any issues an employee may experience in the use of’s services or with any care provider hired through such service.

You can pay caregivers directly or enroll in the HomePay service.

Yes, visit and click on “Enroll Now.” You’ll be asked whether you have an existing membership. Select “Yes” and proceed with logging in. Contact at (855) 781-1303 regarding reimbursement of unused time on your previous paid membership.

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