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Enrolling In and Changing Benefits FAQs

Find answers to common questions related to enrollment for your benefits and changing your benefit elections. You can visit the Eligibility and Enrollment page and the Changing My Benefits page for more information.

Enrolling in benefits

Eligibility for benefits varies from person to person. An overview of benefit eligibility can be found on the Eligibility and Enrollment page. This page is categorized based on job type, however, if you are unsure of your current status at the University you may find out using the Benefits Eligibility Key within HRMS. Directions on how to find the Benefits Eligibility Key are located on the the Benefits Eligibility and Enrollment page.

When you are hired or become newly benefit eligible there are varying deadlines for enrolling in each benefit*:

  • 30 days:
    • Health Care Plans
    • Dental Plans
    • Flexible Spending Account
    • YOUR Benefits Extras (VSP Vision Care & MetLife Legal Plan)
  • 31 days:
    • Long-Term Disability Plan
  • 90 days:
    • **Optional Life Insurance

Eligible individuals may enroll in all other benefits offered by the University of Rochester at any time. A detailed timeline can be found on the Eligibility and Enrollment page.

*Eligibility varies for the benefits listed above. Please check your eligibility.

**After the initial 90-day period you may still enroll, however, proof of good health may be required.

Platforms for enrolling in benefits vary depending on the benefit you are looking to enroll in:

  • HRMS: Newly hired faculty and staff may log in to HRMS to enroll in Health Care Plans*, Dental Plans*, Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Long-Term Disability Plan, Optional Life Insurance, University-Paid Basic Term Life Insurance**
  • VSP Vision Care, MetLife Legal Plan, and group auto and home insurance
  • Retirement Program
  • Well-U page: Wellness program overviews
  • Well-U programs including biometric screenings, lifestyle management programs, condition management programs, Behavioral Health Partners and UR Medicine EAP
  • Tuition benefits: Tuition waiver or reimbursement paperwork for your specific needs
  • Phone call: Home ownership program and voluntary long-term care insurance

*Postdoctoral Associates & Fellows enroll in medical, dental and vision benefits through the Garnett Powers website.

** Eligible employees are automatically enrolled and only need to log in to HRMS to select beneficiaries.

Changing your benefits elections

Once your initial eligibility period is over you may enroll in or change your benefit elections for the following benefits during the yearly, two-week Open Enrollment timeframe (early November):

  • Health Care Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Optional Life Insurance
  • VSP Vision Care
  • MetLife Legal Plan

Changes may also be made to certain benefit plans outside of Open Enrollment due to a qualifying event (such as marriage, the birth of a child, etc.). Most other benefit elections can be changed anytime throughout the year. View the Changing My Benefits page for detailed information.

Open Enrollment is a two-week time frame where you may make changes to your benefit elections for the coming year for health care, dental, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Account, VSP Vision Care, and MetLife Legal Plans. You may also enroll in or increase coverage for Optional Life Insurance during this timeframe without providing proof of good health.

Most other benefits may be enrolled in or changed anytime throughout the year.

Open Enrollment to make changes to your benefit elections is held in November.

A qualifying event allows you to change your elections for certain benefits outside of the annual Open Enrollment period. A few common qualifying events include family status changes (such as marriage, divorce, birth, etc.), death, retirement, approved leave (such as FMLA), loss of coverage, etc.

An abbreviated list of qualifying events can be found within the qualifying event change form, and the full list can be found within the qualifying event matrix. If you wish to change your health or dental care benefit elections due to a qualifying event, the qualifying event change form must be received within 60 days of the event in most cases. For more information about changing your Optional Life Insurance or VSP Vision Care benefit elections, view the Changing My Benefits page.

Eligible individuals may enroll/participate in or make changes to the 403(b) Retirement Program, Well-U programs, tuition benefits, the University Home Ownership Incentive Program, Group Auto & Home Insurance and Voluntary Long-Term Care Insurance anytime throughout the year. You may also enroll in or make changes to Group Universal Life (GUL) and Group Optional Term Life (GOTL) Insurance, however, proof of good health may be required outside of the open enrollment period.

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