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Career Path Modernization Project

Developing a modern and relevant job structure at the University

The dedicated employees at the University of Rochester are at the heart of our institution. It is through their contributions that we are able to fulfill our educational, research, and healthcare missions, and to be a research university of global consequence. The University is committed to our Meliora Values including equity and inclusion, and to making the institution a model employer that develops, attracts, retains and engages the best people.

With these guiding principles in mind, the Office of Human Resources, with the full support of President Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, has embarked on the Career Path Modernization Project (CPM), a multi-year initiative to completely transform our 40-year-old job structure.

Our job structure is the foundation for how we hire, pay, develop, and advance our workforce. Redefining and aligning the jobs, levels and positions across the institution will help the University better convey the wide variety of opportunities, roles and career paths available across the University.

CPM is an important step in a journey to ensure that all employees of the University of Rochester can maximize their potential and that their contributions and discoveries contribute to the spirit of Meliora in support of our world-class University.

Project updates

February 14, 2022 | 04:00 pm

CPM Project Update Winter 2022

As we reflect on the past year, we want to share the milestones we reached in 2021, our goals for 2022, and invite you to join us for our upcoming Community Forum and Q&A sessions.

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Understanding CPM

Reorganizing our job structure is a complex project that will have widespread effects on the organization. It will change the way we work, the processes we follow and the foundation for how we approach other projects at the University.

  • the development, organization and implementation of a job structure and corresponding job profiles that accurately reflects the work being done at UR.
  • the creation of a structure for how employees may progress in their careers consistent with organizational needs.
  • a project that will give employees visibility into different career paths and empower their own professional development.
  • the establishment of levels and requirements for career progression that will guide growth opportunities.
  • the assignment of jobs to the appropriate level in our new job structure.
  • a method for organizing positions for classification clarity and transparency.
  • the creation of a compensation system in which pay is assessed relative to the market.
  • a project that will provide consistency, fairness and increased transparency to compensation decisions.
  • the identification of instances where pay is not competitive or internally aligned so that leadership is able to plan and fund over time.
  • an effort to change the responsibilities of employees.
  • intended to reorganize departments or units.
  • the same as training or individual career development planning.
  • a budget savings initiative.
  • an automatic raise for all employees.
  • a guarantee of promotion based only upon meeting the qualifications for the next level in a career path and without consideration for the University’s strategic planning needs.
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