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Interdepartmental Programs


Could it be that your own educational path has made you think about a more personal, autobiographical degree which is built on individual and academic interests investigated from a variety of disciplinary perspectives?

Interdepartmental Major Requirements

Typically, an interdepartmental major consists of ten core courses (40 credits) from at least two departments, and up to four supplementary courses which enhance the major, but are not directly related.

The major is supervised by two faculty advisors, and is approved by the Committee on Individualized Interdepartmental Programs (CIIPC).

Interdepartmental Minor Requirements

Minors consist of six courses (24 credits) and are supervised by one faculty advisor.

How to Apply

The deadline to submit application materials is either November 1 or April 1. Contact the Multidisciplinary Studies Center (MSC) to set up an appointment with an advisor.

Fall 2017

For the fall 2017 semester all interdepartmental applicants are strongly encouraged to submit drafts of their proposals to the Multidisciplinary Studies Center by Wednesday, October 18, 2017 to ensure complete applications by the November 1st submission deadline.

Please note: Second semester seniors are not eligible to submit interdepartmental proposals (this includes interdepartmental clusters).

Application Materials

Other Materials