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Multidisciplinary Studies Center
University of Rochester
206 Morey Hall
Rochester, NY 14627


American Studies; Clinical and Translational Sciences; East Asian Studies; Bioethics, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health Policy (Public Health-related Programs):

Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures; Interdepartmental Programs; Health, Behavior, and Society (Public Health-related Programs):

Digital Media Studies; Certificate of Achievement in User Experience (U/X)/User-Centered Design:

Using the chart below, please feel free to email the advisor associated with each program.

Program Advisors
Multidisciplinary ProgramAdvisor
Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures ProgramSam Haynes
Clinical and Translational SciencesJennifer Sherwood
Digital Media StudiesPatrick Doyle
East Asian StudiesJennifer Sherwood
Interdepartmental ProgramsSam Haynes
Public Health-related Programs:
Bioethics (major/minor)Jennifer Sherwood
Environmental Health (major)Jennifer Sherwood
Epidemiology (major/minor)Jennifer Sherwood
Health, Behavior, and Society (major/minor)Sam Haynes
Health Policy (major/minor)Jennifer Sherwood