The Multidisciplinary Studies Center (MSC) oversees a variety of majors and minors for undergraduate students:

  • American studies (BA, minor)
  • Archaeology, technology, and historical structures (BA, minor)
  • Clinical and translation sciences (BS)
  • Digital media studies (BA, minor)
  • East Asian studies (BA, minor)
  • Interdepartmental degree program (BA, minor)
  • Legal studies (minor)
  • Medieval and early modern studies (minor)
  • Public Health-related Programs:
    • Bioethics (BA, minor)
    • Environmental health (BS)
    • Epidemiology (BA, minor) 
    • Health, behavior and society (BA, minor)
    • Health policy (BA, minor)
  • Sustainability (minor)

Other Multidisciplinary Programs

Some of the College’s multidisciplinary programs are housed in their own departments, centers, or institutes—not in MSC.

Learn more about these programs by visiting their web pages: