Graduate Certificate

The Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies offers a formal Graduate Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies for students who are enrolled in a graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D.) program at the University of Rochester and for non-matriculated students who complete four or more courses from at least two University of Rochester graduate programs (see requirements).

This Graduate Certificate provides analyses of contemporary theoretical frameworks and methodologies; an historical perspective on gender, sexuality, and women's studies within and across disciplines; a focus on issues of gender and sexuality as they intersect with race, class, ethnicity, and more; and connections between academic and non-academic practices. The Certificate becomes part of the student's record and serves to document training in gender and women's studies.

The Graduate Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies is designed to appeal to:

Matriculated graduate students who will apply for teaching positions at the post-secondary level. The Certificate complements students' credentials in their primary discipline by demonstrating scholarly competence in a related, interdisciplinary field. This training prepares students to offer a wider range of courses at employing institutions.

Non-matriculated students who are interested in obtaining an interdisciplinary training in gender and women's studies but who do not wish to commit to a full degree program. This training is appropriate for those expanding upon and updating their undergraduate education, preparing for further graduate study, and/or desiring to link their current occupations with recent developments in women's studies.


The Graduate Certificate is obtained in two phases:

  1. The first is the planning of a program of study and execution of the Certificate Plan. Download the Certificate Plan Application (PDF) here.
  2. The second phase is a presentation of the work, fully completed in the Graduate Certificate Application. Download the Graduate Certificate Application here (PDF).

Certificate Plans are usually due in November but may submitted on an on-going basis. Completed Graduate Certificate Applications are due by March each year. Please email all completed materials as PDF files to

Appropriate programs of study are developed in consultation with an advisor from the Curriculum Committee. That advisor mentors, or arranges mentorship for each graduate student to choose relevant classes and make sure that her/his program of study is cohesive. Students interested in earning the Certificate should begin to plan their curriculum as soon as possible. To being the process, a student must meet with a current Curriculum Committee member. Together, a Certificate Plan, a trajectory of courses, will be planned that will fulfill the terms of the Certificate. Committee members will follow students’ progress semester-by-semester assuring that the Certificate Plan goals are reached.

Students are encouraged to participate not only in the courses named in their Certificate Plan, but in related Susan B Anthony Institute events and research.

Eligible Courses

Students must successfully complete 4 graduate level courses in gender and women's studies. The courses must be drawn from at least 2 departments or programs at the University of Rochester and must include at least two courses from considered "Methodological and Theoretical Approaches" and two considered "Applied Courses." Successful completion of the courses is determined by the departments or programs through which the courses are offered.

Once the course load is complete, students must prepare a portfolio and get a letter of recommendation to be submitted with the Graduate Certificate Application.


Students compile a portfolio that includes work completed in these courses, a curriculum vitae, and a statement about how this interdisciplinary work in gender and women's studies has affected their writing, research, and teaching. The portfolio is submitted to and evaluated by the Curriculum Committee of the Susan B. Anthony Institute.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation should be submitted from the student's departmental advisor addressing the student’s competence in the area of Gender and Women’s Studies. Please have the letter emailed as a PDF file to Once both phases are complete, the Curriculum Committee will make a final review of the Certificate’s merits and determine if the Certificate is to be granted.

For further information, please contact the SBAI office at 585-275-8318, or e-mail


Course offerings will vary from year to year. For information about current listings, please contact the Susan B. Anthony Institute office.

Sample Course List

Examples of classes applied toward Graduate Certificates have included:


  • ANT 467 Fashion, Beauty, Power

Art and Art History

  • AH 410 Women as Image and Text
  • AH 413 Race and Gender in Popular Film
  • AH 528 Colloquium in Visual and Cultural Studies
  • AH 583 Visual & Cultural Studies Colloquium


  • ENG 423 Madness, Marriage, and Monstrosity: The Woman Reader, the Woman Writer, and the 19th Century Novel
  • ENG 461 Feminist Film Theory
  • ENG 467 Changing Genres of Erotica
  • ENG 448 Contemporary Women's Writing
  • ENG 545 The Radical Narratives of Toni Morrison 
  • ENG 550 Modern American Poetry


  • HIS 591 American Women's History

Warner School of Graduate Education

  • ED 412 Sociology of Education
  • ED 417 Education of American Women 
  • ED 424 Professions in American Culture
  • ED 442 Race, Class, Gender & Disability
  • ED 488 Women, Educational Leadership, and the Professions
  • ED 591 Independent Study

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