Department of English


Major Tracks

English: Creative Writing

The Department of English offers a Concentration in Creative Writing for students who want to explore the art of writing and refine their skills in critical reading. Students work intensively on their own imaginative writing (fiction, poetry, and play writing) in conjunction with the study of literature. Students wishing to pursue a Concentration in English: Creative Writing must apply to the Creative Writing Advisor in the department and receive written approval.

A minimum of ten courses is required.

1. Concentrators must take at least four courses in creative writing, as follows:

a. Two courses (8 credits) at the 100 level from among the following:

  • ENG 120: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENG 121: Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENG 122: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG 123: Playwriting
  • ENG 125: Speculative Fiction

b. One of the following courses:

  • ENG 275: Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENG 276: Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG 277: Screenwriting

c. One of the following:

  • ENG 375: Seminar in Fiction Writing
  • ENG 376: Seminar in Poetry Writing

2. Concentrators must take two of the following courses:

  • ENG 112: Classical and Scriptural Backgrounds
  • ENG 113: British Literature I
  • ENG 114: British Literature II
  • ENG 115: American Literature

3. Concentrators must take four additional English courses at the 200 or 300 level, two of which must be in British or American literature before 1800 and two in British or American literature after 1800. Click here for details about pre- and post-1800 courses.

Students accepted into the Honors Program in English may write original fiction (a collection of stories or a novella), poetry, or a play to fulfill the requirements for the honors essay. Students choosing this option must have the approval of the Creative Writing Advisor in the English Department.