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The University of Rochester Endowment

A component of the Long Term Investment Pool

The University's endowment—the largest component of the University of Rochester Long Term Investment Pool (“LTIP”)—provides perpetual annual support for student financial aid and faculty members salaries as well as support for certain facilities and academic programs. Spending from the endowment also helps to stabilize the University's annual budget. As of June 30, 2015, Rochester's LTIP was valued at approximately $2.2 billion and is one of approximately 60 college and university endowments valued above $1 billion.

Rochester's LTIP is allocated to both publicly traded investments (domestic and international equities and fixed income) as well as alternative investments that do not trade on public markets such as private equity (buyouts, distressed, and venture), hedge funds, real assets (real estate and natural resources), and other assets. The LTIP holds more than half of its investments in alternatives. The allocation between traditional and alternative investments helps assure growth in favorable economic conditions and offers a measure of protection against severe losses during economic downturns. The LTIP is highly diversified and managed by approximately 90 external investment advisors located around the globe.

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