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Executive Board

RC MERT Executive Board

Director of Operations
Nicholas Frankiewicz (Crew Chief)

The Director of Operations (DO) is the chief authority of the RC MERT executive board and is responsible for the daily operations of the organization. The DO serves as the primary contact for RC MERT and has final say on all decisions made pertaining to the operations of the agency.

Assisstant Director of Operations
Angus Fung (Crew Chief Trainee)

The Assistant Director of Operations serves under the DO in the operations department and acts as the organization’s disciplinary executer as well as initial contact regarding all issues pertaining to vehicles under RC MERT operation.

Director of Training
Prince Abraham (Crew Chief)

The Director of Training (DOT) coordinates the training department and is responsible for the crew chief trainee program as well as the annual EMT class, the mass casualty incident drill, in-services, the field-training officer program, and all other training-related projects.

Assistant Director of Training
Julian Buttitta (Crew Chief Trainee)

The Assistant Director of Training serves under the DOT and assists him/her in the activities and the programs pertinent to the Training Department.

Natasha Verma (Crew Chief Trainee)

The Secretary is responsible for running the application process, tracking the status of each member, maintaining certifications and paperwork for members, taking attendance during each general membership meeting, TOC assigning committees to all members, and recording minutes during scheduled meetings as well as all other matters pertaining to the records of the membership.

Public Relations Officer
Kaitlyn Glasener (Crew Chief Trainee)

The Public Relations Officer is responsible for the annual MERT banquet, advertising, community outreach, updating any other channels pertaining to the public image of RC MERT, keeping positive relations with other student groups on the UR campus, and coordinating the public health activities of RC MERT, including cosponsoring opportunities and events with other UR student groups and agencies.

Equipment Manager
John Clay (Medic Assistant)

The Equipment Manager is responsible for inventorying RC MERT equipment at least one time per month, restocking all equipment as needed, and maintaining the MERT bunk room including laundering the bed sheets at least twice per month. The Equipment Manager is additionally responsible for keeping in constant contact with UHS, Public Safety, and the Operations Department regarding all aspects of RC MERT equipment.

Moustafa Lutfy (Medic Assistant)

The Webmaster/Scheduler is responsible for all aspects of the appearance and functionality of the RC MERT website, coordinating nightly, daily, and standby schedules for the organization, and working in conjunction with other departments to update the RC MERT Campus Club Connection website.

Kavi Shankar (Crew Chief Trainee)

The Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement chair is responsible for running the process of reviewing charts submitted to emsCharts using the online system, organizing regular QA/QI sessions and acquiring statistics reports at the end of each semester and as needed or requested by members of the Executive Board.