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Chronicle of Higher Education (July 14)

The University as Economic Savior

In January the university that Mr. Eastman, a high-school dropout, helped endow surpassed the company he founded as Rochester's largest employer. . . . [I]n Rochester and elsewhere, college leaders are seeking closer partnerships with civic and business leaders to harness the universities' strengths. Joel Seligman, who became president of the University of Rochester last year and was given the charge to use the institution more as an economic-development engine and improve its relationship with the Rochester community . . . says he sees no conflict between his institution's national ambitions and parochial obligations. "In the long run," he says, "we will be of the greatest consequence to the city if we succeed as a university."

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NPR (July 19)

All Things Considered: Shopping for the Consumer Price Index

Robert Siegel discusses the index with economists Mark Zandy of Moody's, the Cleveland Federal Reserve's Michael Bryan, and the University of Rochester's professor of economics Mark Bils.

The New York Times (July 19)

Stem Cell Bill Seen as a Qualified Boon for Research

The National Institutes of Health, while spending only $38 million this fiscal year for human embryonic stem cell research, is spending $571 million on other forms of stem cell research. "It's not that this has just been five years of downtime,'' said Steven Goldman, a professor of neurology at the University of Rochester. "Things have moved very quickly on parallel fronts.'' (Also reported by International Herald Tribune. Related story reported by 13WHAM-TV [ABC].)

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Awista Ayub


ABC News (July 14)

Person of the Week: Awista Ayub

Awista Ayub '01 has brought the universal sport of soccer to Afghan girls—a landmark idea, considering that just five years ago girls in Afghanistan were not even allowed to attend school. "Athletics was a very positive experience throughout my entire life that really helped me to become the adult that I am today," Ayub said. "I knew that children in Afghanistan needed the same vehicle to overcome their own obstacles after 30 years of war." (Related story in New York Daily News.)

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