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In the Headlines

October 2009

Robin HoodNew York Times (October 25)

A Hero (or Villain) for the Left (or the Right)

Given that Wall Street has turned the myths of Sherwood Forest upside down, the timing was perfect over the weekend for the seventh biennial meeting of the International Association for Robin Hood Studies at the University of Rochester. (Also Reported in: 13WHAM-TV,

New York Times (October 27)

The Life Span of a Rodent May Aid Human Health

Vera GorbunovaDr. [Vera] Gorbunova, who works at the University of Rochester, has taken a first step toward understanding the genetic basis of the mole rat’s surprising immunity to cancer. She and her colleagues have found that the rats’ cells have a double system for inhibiting irregular proliferation, com­pared with the single system in human cells. (Also Reported in: Science Magazine, Daily Mail, Science Daily, RT, PhysOrg, Scientist, Sustainable Suppers, Economictimes, Star News Online, 8WROC-TV, Popular Science, American Scientist, Science a GoGo, Mother Nature Network,, ABC News, UPI, BusinessWeek, Discover Magazine,

Los Angeles Times (October 3)

Nature, the cure for bad behavior?

Communing with nature not only lifts spirits, it helps people behave better, according to a study published this week. Psychologists at the University of Rochester conducted four experiments with 370 people who were shown computer images of either natural settings, such as landscapes and lakes, or man-made settings, such as buildings and roads. (Also Reported in: MSN­BC, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, The Standard, Kansas City Star, News Track India, China Post, Psych Central, Scienceline, G Maga­zine, 13WHAM-TV, YNN,,, The Argus Leader, KIVI Boise, WAFB, WXXI, YubaNet,, and others)

Engadget (October 29)

Digital camera inventor Steve Sasson collects honorary PhD, Economist award

Steve Sasson with Joel Seligman and Paul BurgettIf there’s one thing we know about geeks, it’s that they hate having noth­ing to do. Bill Gates has filled his spare time collecting knighthoods and Harvard degrees, and Steve Sasson—inventor of the first, and assuredly big­gest, digital camera—is now following in his distinguished footsteps. Sasson perfected a microwave oven-sized 0.01 megapixel prototype while working for Kodak way back in 1975, and has now been awarded an honorary PhD for his troubles from the University of Rochester.