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In the Headlines

September 2012

New York Times (September 3)

How to Cope at the Airport Without a Wallet
By Mark Zupan

baggage cartsDespite all the traveling I do, I’m still a bit of a nervous flier. Therefore, it doesn’t really make any sense that I flew with the Blue Angels last year after they offered the University of Rochester one seat on one of their planes. Several of us at the university received an e-mail invitation, and the first person to respond would get to go. I responded first. I figured it would be a good thing to do, until the day started approaching.

Mark Zupan is the dean of the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. 

This story was also reported in: Seattle Times

Daily Mail (September 14)

Taking statins every day could slash risk of cancer

Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center discovered new genetic evidence inking cholesterol and cancer. The find means patients could one day be given statins to protect against developing cancer and to treat potential tumours. Lead researcher Dr. Hartmut Land said: “Scientifically it is very satisfying to have data that support longstanding ideas about cholesterol in the context of cancer. Our paper provides a rationale for cholesterol-targeting as a potentially fruitful approach to cancer intervention or prevention strategies.” 

This story was also reported in: Science Daily and others

UPI (September 12)

Study: Bacteria made a meal of gulf spill

Researchers from the University of Rochester and Texas A&M University analyzed an extensive data set to determine not only how much oil and gas was eaten and removed by naturally occurring bacteria following the Deepwater Horizon disaster, but also how the characteristics of this feast changed with time. “A significant amount of the oil and gas that was released was retained within the ocean water more than one-half mile below the sea surface,” study co-author John Kessler of the University of Rochester said.

This story was also reported in:
Yahoo News, CBS News, National Science Foundation, MSNBC, Mother Nature Network, Yahoo! India, Democratic Underground, R&D Magazine, Science Daily, 13WHAM-TV, and others

Inside Higher Ed (September 11)

U. of Rochester Adopts ‘Test-Flexible’ Admissions Policy

The University of Rochester has announced that it will no longer require all undergraduate applicants to submit either the SAT or ACT, but they will still have to submit some test. Others that might be used include the SAT subject exams, Advanced Placement tests or International Baccalaureate tests. In a statement, Jonathan Burdick, dean of admissions and financial aid, said: “Many prospective students ‘test well’ on general standardized exams, and bring that ability to campus, while some are best at mastering specific material in subjects that interest them most, and bring that diligence and focus. Both kinds of students can thrive at Rochester, and both will do best when they find each other here and develop many ways to collaborate and challenge each other.”