University of Rochester

Rochester Professor to Co-Direct Go Tournament at World's First 'Mind Olympics' in Beijing

August 12, 2008

Thomas Hsiang, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Rochester, has been selected to co-direct the Go tournament at the first World Mind Sports Games, to be held in Beijing, China, Oct. 3 to 18.

Go is a chess-like game that originated in China more than two-thousand years ago. The game is noted for having simple rules but requiring complex strategy.

Hsiang is currently a director of the International Go Federation. He has earned world renown as a Go player, having won the Ing Invitational twice, the U.S. Open three times and the North American Fujitsu once. He represented the United States in the 1998 and the 2005 World Amateur Go Championships, and has been a regular participant in the North American Masters Tournament since 2004.

"I am very flattered by this appointment," said Hsiang. "It is a clear indication that Western representatives are gaining influence in international Go affairs."

The World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) comprises five "mind sports": bridge, chess, draughts, Go, and Xiang-qi. Approximately 500 players representing about 70 nations will take part in the Go tournament.

Hsiang was initially chosen by the American Go Association as one of the U.S. team members to compete, but he has given up that position to serve as one of the lead officials of the games.

China Qiyuan Go Federation President Yigang Hua will co-direct the events with Hsiang.