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Meliora Quotes

Salman Rushdie
Plutzik Memorial Series (Department of English)
Internationally acclaimed author who was forced into hiding after his novel, The Satanic Verses, was judged blasphemous by Muslim clerics.
"One of the great powers of literature is that it can offer a starting point for argument. . . . What we saw in the end was that there was an attempt to silence [The Satanic Verses] and the book is still here. An attempt to silence the writer, and the writer is still here. . . . It just proves that if you face these kinds of censorship and intimidation down, you can defeat them."

Madeleine Kunin
"How Women Lead" (Elizabeth Cady Stanton/Susan B. Anthony Conversations on Contemporary Issues)
Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education in the Clinton administration and a former governor of Vermont
"Certainly thereís a good olí boy network, but now thereís starting to be a good olí girl network, too. The quandary is how much to play by menís rules—rules that have been in place for years—both written and unwritten."

Earl Graves

Earl Graves
"Leadership in the Black Community"
Founder and publisher of Black Enterprise Magazine
"There is no shortage of black leaders—they are in every field, every walk of life. Our only shortage is in the perception that fails to recognize the black leaders in our companies and communities."

Fareed Zakaria
"Crisis and Leadership"
Editor, Newsweek International
"Democracy is a medicine that has to be given in increasing doses. Otherwise, if you give too much, you kill the patient."

Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett
"Leadership and Values"
Secretary of Education in the Reagan administration and the nationís "drug czar" in the George H. W. Bush administration
"Virtue is not a property of political movements. Itís a property of individuals."

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton
"Leadership for the 21st Century"
Democratic U.S. Senator for New York
"Global dominance does not prevent the kinds of attacks we all saw on September 11. . . . In fact, it will create more terrorists rather than partners or friends. . . .We have to be willing to work and listen to many points of view, and by doing so, diminish the need for drastic military actions."

Simon Winchester
Neilly Library Series
Bestselling author of The Professor and the Madman.
"Historical novels appeal to the voyeur in us all. To make a book readable, the writer must find those moments to embroider things, but not too much."

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