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Admissions SIG

UR Student

Special Interest Group members are a cross section of select individuals that will focus on the student record aspect of the project as defined on the Timeline page.

Admission SIG Materials

Project Team       School/Location

  • Pam Black-Colton, Warner School of Education

  • Jeff Carpenter, University IT/EA

  • Cindy Fronterre, University IT/EA

  • Kelly McMullen, University IT/EA

  • Samantha Singhal, University IT/EA

Special Interest Group       School

  • Aleta Anthony, School of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Matthew Ardizzone, Eastman School of Music

  • Stefanie Attridge, Simon School of Business

  • Galine Bellinger, Eastman Institute for Oral Health

  • Gretchen Briscoe, The College, Arts. Sciences & Engineering

  • Christina Crispin, Eastman School of Music

  • Alley Duffney, School of Nursing

  • Kandice King, School of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Linda Lipani, Eastman Institute for Oral Health

  • Sharon McCullough, School of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Jason Nevinger, The College, Arts, Sciences & Engineering

  • Jon Ramsey, Simon School of Business

  • Pat Samuelson, School of Medicine and Dentistry (MD)

  • Kim Starken, Warner School of Education

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