Annual Reports

FY 2013 Annual Report

Research Expenditures:


Invention Disclosures:

140 disclosures were received from 220 inventors from 48 University departments and divisions. 34 external collaborators from 22 institutions, agencies, and corporations were also named as inventors. This is a 6% increase over disclosures received in FY 2012.

Intellectual Property Protection:

3 copyright registrations and 240 patent applications were filed in FY 2013. Of the patent filings, 77 were new matter filings, while 163 were continuations of applications filed in previous years.


Patents Issued:

In FY 2013, the University of Rochester was granted 31 U.S. patents and 26 foreign patents. These 57 patents cover 45 different technologies.

License Agreements:

In FY 2013, the University of Rochester executed 13 new license and option agreements and monitored 130 active agreements. 56 of these agreements generated revenue.

License Revenue:

In FY 2013, the University of Rochester received $29,389,288 in licensing income.


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