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About URVentures

University of Rochester

URVentures protects, develops, and commercializes the intellectual property arising from research at the University of Rochester.


Intellectual Property

URVentures protects the University’s Intellectual Property (IP). Intellectual Property can come in a number of different forms including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Our team determines patentability and market viability of University IP. We then work hand in hand with researchers, IP attorneys, and business professionals to develop IP assets for the University of Rochester.


Technology Development

In an effort to bring the University of Rochester’s world-class research to life, URVentures has created the Technology Development Fund (TDF) and the Drug Development Pilot Award. These programs exist to support UR researchers as they develop and de-risk their innovations for the marketplace.


Commercialization & Licensing

Each commercially viable technology is assigned a licensing manager with experience in the field. The licensing manager and researchers work together to identify industry partners for further development or licensing of the IP.

If technology is better suited for a new company, UR Ventures will work to identify entrepreneurs, secure start-up funding, and get industry feedback.

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