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Technology Development Fund (TDF)

Welcome to the TDF

The Technology Development Fund accelerates the commercialization of the University of Rochester’s world-class research

The TDF makes awards to UR researchers as they develop their innovations to get them ready for the marketplace. TDF funds typically support animal testing, prototyping and other proof-of-concept studies, with the goal of developing University of Rochester technologies to a commercial proof point. TDF awards are not prizes or research grants, but are funds to accomplish specific development milestones. Since 2010, TDF support has provided over $4M to 49 projects, resulting in 30+ publications, over $7M in additional research funding, 8 licenses/options and several startups.

There are two award cycles per year

Awards range from $40,000 – $100,000

Funding supports technical and administrative staff salaries, equipment, and supplies

Funding does not support faculty salary or overhead

Applications & Funded Projects by Round

Probability that an Application is Funded (%)

Application Process
Funded Projects
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