It’s about everyone pitching in.

Students are a driving force for good in our campus community. We understand the importance of making sure everyone’s voices are heard, staying positive, and supporting one another–especially when times get tough. This spring, discover what can happen when we all come Together for Rochester.

One year. One goal. To make life better.

Find out how you can get rewarded by getting involved.

Let’s do this.

Together for Rochester, a year-long initiative, is working to make a difference where it matters most, by helping…

  • students (like you!) and UR graduates find internships and jobs.
  • build even stronger networks of alumni and friends who care about the University and our future.
  • promote equity and access.
  • give back and pay it forward.

Fun Facts

There are more than 110,000 University alumni around the world. Before you join their ranks, check out how so many have come together to support the Rochester experience:

  • More than 2,100 donors have given to the University’s student emergency funds and Food Pantry to help with housing, travel home, temporary storage, and online learning assistance as a result of the pandemic. Many have also given latex gloves, face masks, and other personal protective equipment to keep the campus community safe.
  • REAL–Rochester’s Equity & Access Leadership–Conversations, a monthly lecture series that offers authentic discussions around equity, measurable action, and meaningful change, was launched in 2020.
  • Thousands of alumni, students, and parents have joined The Meliora Collective, an online platform especially for members of the University community to connect and discover their true callings. Hundreds of alumni have also raised their hands to help current students and recent graduates achieve their goals by serving as mentors through The Meliora Collective Mentorship Program. Information on the next mentorship cycle will be available in the spring.

Together for Tie–Dye

Feeling inspired? It’s easy to pitch in!

Complete any one of these by Friday, April 30 to receive a FREE, limited-edition University of Rochester tie-dye t-shirt. Complete all three to upgrade to a hooded sweatshirt! Track your progress by checking the “My Checklists” section of your Campus Community Connection (CCC) page. Contact Lauren Bradley ’11W (MS), director of student and young alumni engagement, with questions.

Look for pick up details later this semester. A mailing option will be available for those studying remotely
outside of Monroe County.

Bonus: Moments of Meliora
Also known as “random acts of kindness,” you’re invited to spread some joy. Hold the door open, treat the person behind you in line to their morning coffee, or get creative with other good deeds­; finding ways to be there for each other is what Together for Rochester is all about.

Featured stories

Sean Bajwa ’18 and Genessis Galindo ’20 were among the first to participate in a recent pilot mentorship match program, which brought together first-generation students and alumni through The Meliora Collective.

Students who arrived as guests after Hurricane Maria have made their mark on campus—and helped the College attract more undergraduates from the island.

Lara Andree ’20, ’21W (MS)

Lara Andree ’20, ’21W (MS), a first-generation student who persevered through childhood homelessness, received her undergraduate degree this year and is now entering the Warner School of Education with a “Fifth Year in Teaching” scholarship.

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