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Classics at the University of Rochester

Upcoming Courses 2019-2020

Dowload our list of prospective courses for 2019-2020: [link]

Program Overview

At the University of Rochester, the study ancient Greece and Rome is housed within the Department of Religion and Classics.  Members of the Deparment offer courses in Greek and Latin and in the history, archaeology, and culture of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

The Department offers the following majors and concentrations to students who are interested in the systematic study of Greek and Roman cultures:

Major in Classics [link]

Major in Classical Civilization [coming Fall 2019]

Minor in Greek [link]

Minor in Latin [link]

Minor in Classical Civilization [link]

Cluster in Ancient Greek [link]

Cluster in the Classical Tradition [link]

Four other members of the Department regularly offer courses related to these programs:

Elizabeth Colantoni [link]

Nicholas Gresens [link]

Emily Jusino [link]

Anne Merideth [link]