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Health and Safety

Dr. Chat Bot to pause for Thanksgiving Break, except at Medical Center

From Thursday, November 25, through Sunday, November 28, Dr. Chat Bot will go on pause for non-Medical Center students, faculty, and staff. Instead of using Dr. Chat Bot to report active COVID-19 symptoms to University Health Service (UHS) during this time, these individuals should instead call the UHS on-call number at (585) 275-2662. UHS is implementing this four-day pause to give a break to the nurses who check the incoming Dr. Chat Bot reports each day.

Non-Medical Center students, faculty, and staff on campus should not fill out Dr. Chat Bot at all during these four days. The Dr. Chat Bot requirement will fully resume on Monday, November 29. Students who are on campus during these days and who need to report active COVID-19 symptoms to UHS in order to be evaluated and/or tested should call the 24-hour UHS on-call number, (585) 275-2662.

Any students or employees working, studying, or accessing the Medical Center campus, however, need to continue to fill out Dr. Chat Bot during this time. This is due to a Medical Center requirement where students and employees need to complete a health screening each day to access the Medical Center campus.

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