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Eligible students strongly encouraged to get vaccine booster over winter break

UPDATE: On December 23, the University issued updated guidance requiring students to receive the COVID-19 booster ahead of the spring 2022 semester. Read the full announcement now.

The below guidance was issued prior to this requirement being announced.

On November 29, a University update strongly encouraged all students, faculty and staff to get a COVID-19 vaccination booster when eligible, and outlined the current available resources to do so. As a student update to this guidance, University officials continue to strongly recommend that eligible students receive a booster vaccination before the start of spring semester and advise that winter break might be the best time to do this.

While it is not a current University requirement for enrolled students to receive the booster shot, it is anticipated that at some point in the spring semester it may become a mandate (with compliance required as a condition for remaining enrolled for the remainder of the semester). Therefore, eligible students getting the booster over winter break will ensure their compliance with a possible future student requirement, receive additional protection against getting COVID, and not have to worry about getting the shot during the busy academic year. For students staying on campus for winter break, the Medical Center is working on ways to provide the booster to those who are eligible, and more details will be communicated about these opportunities and included on the COVID-19 Resource Center.

For those students who will not be eligible for a booster before the end of the winter break, the University plans to offer on-campus booster vaccination opportunities in the spring semester.

Once students receive a booster, the pharmacy or clinic will record the information on a CDC vaccination card. And similar to last semester, students should upload their booster vaccination information into the UHSConnect Portal.

The Medical Center has separate booster guidelines on its intranet site (login required) for students and employees working in health care.

Faculty and staff (non-URMC)

CURT and senior leadership are currently continuing to strongly encourage University faculty and staff to receive the booster when eligible; although also not a requirement at this time, this policy is subject to change.

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