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COVID-19 symptoms or exposure? Find out what to do if you or a close contact have symptoms or think you may have been exposed.
Rochester Restart

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting efforts across campus

The University has enhanced cleaning and disinfecting efforts across campus.

Building common areas and restrooms will be cleaned and maintained by University Facilities. In general, end users are responsible for cleaning high touch surfaces and shared work areas (desktop, keyboards, chairs, etc.) before and after use, as well as public surfaces before/after eating. Personal workstations should be cleaned at the start and end of each workday or shift. Facilities will perform fogging disinfecting as directed by UHS in classrooms and daily in dormitory bathrooms and other high touch points such as door, light switches, handrails and elevator buttons.

In dining facilities, a full sanitizing and disinfecting of food contact surface areas, serving areas, cooler door handles, points of service areas, etc. will be done at a minimum of every hour and before/after each service time utilizing Oxivir Tb wipes. Hand sanitizers will be available at all food service locations.

Extra buses have been added to the heavily utilized shuttle lines to spread out rider capacity. No standing on shuttles will be allowed, and all riders must have a seat. Shuttles are being disinfected regularly throughout the day and wiped down after each trip.

Special cleaning instructions for areas where an individual with suspected or confirmed coronavirus have been developed. These procedures include guidance on personal protective equipment that should be worn when cleaning and directions on disinfecting surfaces with approved EPA disinfectants, disposal of waste from cleaning, and laundering of items that have been in contact with an unwell individual.

Hand hygiene and hand sanitizer availability

Environmental Services will continue to provide and replenish hand sanitizer in building entryways and common areas. The University is installing additional sanitizing stations in common areas of buildings.

Building reactivation process

Many University buildings were closed due to state guidelines this spring. These buildings will be reactivated as state guidelines allow in regionally approved Phases. This reactivation process has already begun with the restart of some research activities and will continue as the University responds to NYS Phase 4 requirements for reopening.

The process for unit reactivation starts with a reactivation request and occupancy plan from a school dean. University Facilities will follow a detailed checklist to open buildings including full review of all HVAC and water systems. This includes checking sewage ejection pumps, charging chilled water lines, flushing drinking fountains and restroom fixtures, checking HVAC filters, flushing HVAC water lines, lighting inspections, and checking handicap access. Temperature setbacks will return to operation and ID swipe access will be activated. Facilities will ensure the building is cleaned and disinfected. Upon approval, the Logistics Sector will ensure appropriate signage is displayed throughout the building and confirm installation of disinfectant/hand wash stations. The unit occupancy plan checklist will confirm the number of staff, faculty and students essential to work in-person, confirm classes scheduled, confirm physical distancing diagrams are complete, and confirm PPE source.

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