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FAQ: Tuition and Fees

Information for students and families

Updated March 23, 2021

Explore answers to common questions about tuition rates, room and board, and student fees.

Need more information? You can reach out to the Office of the Bursar or the Financial Aid office.

Under the difficult circumstances that the spring semester is cut short, the University will evaluate the issuance of credits with regard to fees such as dining plans, parking, and additional items. The tuition rate for the academic year will remain the same.

The 2020–2021 tuition rate remains the same, although those studying remotely will not pay for room and board.

Although a student may not return to campus, the cost of their education doesn’t go down. This is because the many new protocols to ensure health and safety measures during the pandemic have actually caused the cost to provide a Rochester education to increase.

We will be operating the same physical spaces on campus, even with fewer students on campus, and adapting the academic and co-curricular environments significantly to ensure adequate physical distancing protocols. Much of our increased cost relates to instruction – our faculty members who do the teaching, counselors who do the advising, tutors who help students, and other academic support expenses.

We are also working to de-densify larger classes and allow for participation remotely, which requires investing in new classroom hardware and course management software. We also need instructional technology staff to make sure that each course is fully supported by a course management system.

Lab fees will remain in place because lab activities will continue to take place virtually and in some cases, students will have received “kits” containing materials with which they can complete their lab remotely.

Updated 3/23 Tuition and fees for the 2021–22 academic year were set in February 2021. The 2020–21 tuition rate will not change, however, we recognize the financial challenges that many of our students are facing and anticipate that the current crisis will increase the need for institutional financial aid resources. We will work with both our new and returning students to ensure that their financial needs are being met and that they can continue and complete their Rochester education.

Most mandatory fees at the University are remaining in place because programming, activities and services that are supported by these fees are continuing. Should there be a change, the University will communicate the fee adjustment.

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