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About Us

The Office for Global Engagement is a hub for information about the University of Rochester’s international activities.

Global engagement at Rochester is comprised of the Office of the Vice Provost, the International Services Office, and the Center for Education Abroad.

We work with the University’s academic and administrative units to:

  • Identify and develop opportunities for the University to increase its international engagement in research and education.
  • Provide central support for and coordination of international activities undertaken by the University’s schools and units.
  • Represent the University in dealings with major international partners and relevant international agencies.
  • Gather, analyze, and present data on the University’s international connections and engagement.
  • Provide services (such as visa documentation, sponsorship, immigration advice, reporting, and more) to the University’s international visitors as well as the administrators and departments that support them.

Our goal is to help the University’s departments, schools, and individuals to collaborate internationally. By partnering, combining resources, and leveraging research facilities in different places, we can do more with less.

Who We Are

We are the central point of contact and coordination for global activities undertaken by the University of Rochester’s schools and units, and for external international institutions that wish to engage with Rochester.

Our team of experts specializes in cross-cultural communication and diplomacy, supporting all Schools and Units in engaging globally and enhancing research mobility.

We also offer consultation and guidance at all stages of international partnership development. This includes identifying funding opportunities, hosting visitors and delegations, and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders.



Institutional Strategic Plan for Global Engagement

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Our office has developed a strategic plan outlining our priorities for the coming years. This initiative is aligned with  Boundless Possibility: 2023 Strategic Plan, a visionary framework that sets the future direction for our university.

Our Staff

Jane Gatewood
Vice Provost for Global Engagement
+1 585-273-1665

International Services Office | Center for Education Abroad 

Office for Global Engagement 

Michelle Bopp-Smith
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Global Engagement
+1 585-273-1820

Ruth Levenkron
Director of Global Affairs and Engagement
+1 585-273-2190

Jeff Russin
Director of Global Travel Risk Management
+1 585.857.1168 (voice, text, WhatsApp)

Megan Bennett-Spears
Associate Director of International Partnerships
+1 585-273-2877

Daniella Sussman
Director of International Communications
+1 585.733.9819

Joe Doyle
Director of Global Operations and Research Security

Lee Shannon
Associate Director for International Partnerships, URMC

Need to visit the Office for Global Engagement? Find us on University of Rochester’s College Town campus map.

In-country Program Officers

Lina Zhang
In-country Program Officer, China

Afshana P. Hoque
In-country Program Officer, India

My Phuong Dinh
In-country Program Officer, Vietnam