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You have three options for emergency assistance abroad:

  1. Call local emergency services first.
  2. Call the Rochester Director of Global Travel Risk Management at +1 585-857-1168 for immediate recommendations and resource support.
  3. Call the University’s Department of Public Safety 24/7 Emergency Line at +1 585-275-3333 for emergencies.


Evaluating Incidents and Reporting Status Updates

In the event of a major security incident, the University may contact any registered travelers that could be affected. You can help by emailing the Office for Global Engagement to let us know that you’re safe, despite a recent in-country emergency

The Director of Global Travel Risk Management also maintains alternate communications:

  • Cell: +1 585-857-1168 (iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber)
  • Email:
  • WeChat ID: URtravelManager

Need help dialing numbers while abroad? Try this online international calling tool.


Global Travel Contacts Card

Global Travel Contact Card
Download the University’s emergency numbers straight to your phone’s contacts by scanning this QR code with a smartphone to download the KeynectUp card. Simply open the camera app or any QR scanning app (such as Snapchat) and let the lens focus on the code. Then, click the link that pops up to start the KeynectUp card download process. You may also download the card by visiting the Aerogami site on your phone.

If it’s not working, try troubleshooting. Or print the card here.


Submit an Incident Report

Complete and submit a Rochester Traveler Abroad Incident Report to report any crimes or incidents affecting University travelers (e.g., hospitalizations, major illnesses, alcohol violations, robberies, assaults, etc.).

If you are seeking assistance related to an incident of sexual misconduct and do not want to make a formal report about the incident to the University, please review your options for seeking support and making an anonymous report on the Student Sexual Misconduct website here.