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Integrated Online Research Administration (IORA)

System for Research Project Management 


IORA (Integrated Online Research Administration) is the University’s comprehensive suite of web based software solutions capable of managing various research functions, from proposal development, review, routing and approval through award administration and closeout. IORA is comprised of funding proposal information, award documentation, funded and unfunded agreements, and the University’s Institutional Review Board (“Click IRB”).  IORA streamlines and automates many research project processes, allowing for transparency and consistency in budgeting and reporting.

Grants Reporting

IORA proposal and award data are sent to the University’s Data Warehouse nightly. IBM Cognos Analytics software is being used to develop a series of canned, preformatted proposal and award reports that will provide users with the flexibility to tailor reports to meet many of their data needs. Reports can be generated as a PDF file or can be saved into other data formats (e.g. CSV, Excel) for further manipulation.

Grants Reporting directly from IORA is coming soon.


IORA Login Information can be found here.

Request an IORA user account.


IORA is part of a larger, institution-wide Research Administration Systems Modernization Plan. Future enhancements will include:

  • PI Portal
  • Bio-Safety
  • Conflict of Interest