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IORA Training: Unfunded Agreements

IORA Training: Unfunded Agreements


“IORA was great – really intuitive, easy to use. Looking forward to the grants module!”
UR Department Administrator


This contract management solution allows us to maintain a single repository for all unfunded agreements (i.e. Material Transfer, Data Use and Confidentiality Agreements).

Using IORA Agreements, are able to simplify our workflow across the research community, track and log communications, understand process bottlenecks and minimize compliance risk.

Videos and Training

Please watch the following short videos if you need to initiate an unfunded agreement.

2.1 Navigate the General Dashboard (3:02)
2.2 Navigate the Agreements Page (3:33)
3.2 Workflow Overview (2:54)
4.2 Create an Agreement (4:56)
4.3 Submit an Agreement (:46)

Best Practices

Follow these Agreements best practices to ensure your submission in IORA goes smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about IORA Agreements.

User Guides

All IORA user guides and additional resources are available in the IORA system under Help Center.

Logging in to IORA Agreements

To reach the IORA platform, visit:

On the login screen, click either UR Login or URMC Login.

Note: Duo two-factor authentication is required for remote access to IORA. Please see the Announcements on the login screen for instructions if you have not already enrolled in Duo.