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IORA Training: Awards

IORA Training: Awards

Award User Guides:

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1. Introduction
Introduction to Awards (3:52)
Key Changes to Expect in IORA (6:40)
2. Navigation
Navigate the General Dashboard (3:02)
ORPA: Navigate the Central Office Dashboard (6:58)
Tips for Completing a SmartForm (6:21)
3. Awards
Create a Funding Award (1:50)
Complete an Award (10:03)
Validate SmartForm Data (2:29)
Manage Award Allocations (5:28)
Reconcile the Award Budget (7:24)
ORPA: How to Set Up a New Award in IORA (12:26)
Live Training Recording: Your Proposal Has Been Awarded (52:49)
4. Award Modifications
Introduction to Award Modifications (6:49)
Request an Award Modification (1:54)
Add Continuation Funding (4:12)
Add Supplemental Funding (5:33)