Mobile App Instructions

You can now take advantage of the mobile app for Meliora Weekend! It has all of the important information you’ll need for the weekend as well as exciting features to enhance your event experience.

The mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Step 1: Download the App!

Download the app on your preferred mobile device that you will bring to Meliora Weekend.

Download the App

You may also download the app directly from your phone’s app store. Search for “Meliora Weekend.” Or you can press one of the icons below and it will also take you to the “Meliora Weekend” app.

Step 2: Select Meliora Weekend 2019

Once you’ve downloaded the Meliora Weekend app, select “Meliora Weekend 2019” to get started.

Step 3: Allow Notifications 

Once you have selected Meliora Weekend 2019, a pop up will appear asking about notifications. This is safe to accept. It will ensure that they receive event information and exclusive content throughout the weekend. The next time you open the app, it will load directly into Meliora Weekend.

Step 4: Login

Log into the app to unlock all app features (like messaging your classmates!) by clicking the three-horizontal bar menu at the top left of the screen. This opens a sidebar on the left, and includes a link to login at the very top. Follow the instructions to set up your account. Note: You will be emailed a verification code to complete the login process.

Step 6: You’re Finished!

Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (585) 273-5888, toll free (877) 635-4672), or We’ll also be on-site to answer any questions!