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WHAM TV 13 (April 11)

Kodak Giving $10 Million to Renovate Eastman Theatre

announcement of Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre

University of Rochester President Joel Seligman announced Friday morning Kodak is donating $10 million to help expand the Eastman Theatre. Work on the expansion, announced last fall, will begin in July. The cost of the project is $35 million. The state contributed $13 million. (Also reported by WHEC TV 10 (video), WROC TV 8 (video), R News, WXXI, WCAX TV Vermont, Staten Island Advance, Rochester Business Journal, Messenger Post, City Newspaper, Democrat and Chronicle)

Forbes (April 21)

Common Chemotherapy Drug Linked to Memory Problems

Researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York and Harvard Medical School say they've discovered how the chemotherapy drug 5-fluorouracil -- or 5-FU -- affects the central nervous system even long after treatment ends. The hope is this discovery will lead to ways to decrease or eliminate the damage so cognitive functioning is preserved. "What we found is the damage done short-term is much less than the damage that occurs long-term," said Mark Noble, senior author of the study published in the April 22 issue of the Journal of Biology. "After the drug is stopped, the cellular damage gets worse." (Also reported by U.S. News & World Report, BusinessWeek, New Scientist UK, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Austin American-Statesman Texas, China Post Taiwan, India, BBC News UK, WebMD, The Star United Kingdom, MSN UK News, Science a Go Go and many others)

R News (April 5)

U of R Rated Among Top in Engineering

The University of Rochester's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences ranked among the top private engineering schools in the nation. U. S. News & World Report rated the school among the best. It is home to the nation's first doctoral program in optics, and the most powerful ultraviolet laser in the world.

New York Times (April 8)

A Fear That the Market’s Watchdog Is Losing Its Bite

Since Christopher Cox, a former Republican congressman from California, took over as S.E.C. chairman in 2005, spending on enforcement has fallen from $316.3 million to $298 million in 2007. "He was more moderate in his approach on many issues at the start of his chairmanship," said Joel Seligman, president of the University of Rochester and author of a book on the history of the S.E.C. "He worked very hard to build consensus to an extent that many people thought was appropriate and wise." (Also reported by International Herald Tribune France, Austin America-Statesman Texas)


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