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In the Headlines

April 2013

ABC News (April 10)

Nominees Announced for English Translation Prize

BTBA logoTen fiction works and six poetry books were announced Wednesday by Three Percent, a center for international literature that's based at the University of Rochester in New York.

Also reported in: NPR, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsday, Winnipeg Free Press, 10WHEC-TV, and others (April 23)

Seizure Drug Used in Pregnancy Boosts Baby’s Autism Risk

The results don't prove the generic drug, also sold as valproic acid, causes autism. But researchers were able to account for a number of underlying factors - such as the age and health of the mothers and the babies' fathers - that make the study more convincing, Christopher Stodgell said.

Also reported in: Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Reuters, Chicago Tribune,, Newsday, International Business Times, 10WHEC-TV, YNN, and others

The New York Times (April 20)

The Tangle of the Sexes

Instead of dividing into two groups, men and women overlapped considerably on attributes like the frequency of science-related activities, interest in casual sex, or the allure of a potential mate’s virginity.

Washington Post (April 15)

Airport body scanning technology uncovers ancient Roman fresco

While using this technology to examine a painting, Bianca Jackson, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Rochester, found evidence of another painting underneath.

Also reported in: Huffington Post, Red Orbit,, and Asian Age

Huffington Post (April 16)

Boston Bombings - Brain Injuries

"But long after those bones healed and internal organs were fixed, it was the overlooked concussions that ultimately interrupted their ability to go back to what they were doing before," said Jeff Bazarian, a brain injury expert at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

The Wall Street Journal (April 3)

Disclosure Rules Were a Long Time in Coming

For most of its history, the Securities and Exchange Commission had few if any rules on how companies can disclose information. Executives had to rely on decisions at the SEC and in the courts to know.

The New York Times (April 20)     

An Instant Path to an Online Army

VizWiz, a free iPhone app developed by Jeffrey P. Bigham of the University of Rochester and colleagues in its Human Computer Interaction program, gives real-time help to blind users.

Also reported in: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Inside Higher Ed (April 25)

New study links student motivations for going to college to their success

Why did you decide to go to college? Asking that question of new students in a more formal way might help colleges find ways to encourage more students to complete their programs.

Also reported in: 13WHAM-TV