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In the Headlines

August 2013

New York Times (August 22)

Welcome to the Age of Denial

scientist in lab
The triumph of Western science led most of my professors to believe that progress was inevitable... Manufacturing doubt remained firmly off-limits.Today, however, it is politically effective, and socially acceptable, to deny scientific fact.

Adam Frank, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester, is the author of “About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang” and a founder of NPR’s 13.7 Cosmos and Culture blog.

Los Angeles Times (August 30)

Copper Linked with Alzheimer’s Disease

copper pudding mold
A team of researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center suggested that ingesting too much copper may be a bad thing, and they set about to explore copper's dark side.

This story was also reported in: BBC, CBS News

Times of London (August 15)

Twitter alert system that tells diners where to avoid

empty table outside restaurant
People about to tuck into a meal at a dodgy restaurant could soon be warned off by a new system that collects data from the tweets of millions of diners.

This story was also reported in: England Telegraph, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, WHEC-TV, New Scientist, Business Standard India, UPI, Popular Science,, Science Daily, GigaOM, India Times of India, Zee News, Infection Control Today, Red Orbit, Phys.OrgArgentina Star, Cambodian Times, Malaysia Sun, MedIndia, New Kerala, Fast Company, Motherboard, Food Logistics, E! Science News, Daily Mail

Fox News (August 15)

Physicists levitate tiny diamonds in wild experiment

green dot between laser barrels
In the new study, the physicists from the University of Rochester relied on the fact that a laser beam, which is made up of photons, creates a tiny force that usually can't be felt.

This story was also reported in: Discovery Channel,, Yahoo! News, Live Science, Space Daily, Mashable, Gizmag

US News and World Report (July 23)

Study: No link between mercury and autism

mackeral and rice on a plate
Children exposed to low levels of mercury in the womb because their mothers ate large amounts of fish during pregnancy don't appear to be at increased risk for autism, a new study suggests.

This story was also reported in: Huffington Post

The Washington Post (August 16)

Are atheists smarter than believers? Not exactly.

buddha holding up hand
A new study of almost a century’s worth of data shows that the smarter you are, the less likely you are to believe in God.

This story was also reported in: Christianity Today, Ghana Web

The Globe and Mail (August 16)

Book offers in-depth look at religious life in maximum-security prison

prison cell
Joshua Dubler argues that the multifaith chapel at Graterford may well be one of the most religiously diverse places in the world, since it hosts 40 services a week from 13 different religious groups.

This story was also reported in: The Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, Booktv, WNYC

New York Times (August 28)

Poetic Virtues

book cover: The Virtues of Poetry
James Longenbach is one of the finest scholar-critics working today, and his method for dealing with poetry’s fractious readership is simple: He just tells all parties they’re wrong.